A team building event like you’ve never experienced before!

This is much more than a simple ‘getting-to-know-you’ event or a paintball free-for-all. Using carefully designed scenarios we introduce your teams to small unit tactics as used by US Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces worldwide. These techniques form the foundation of communication and action used throughout the workshop as your teams performs a series of progressive ‘missions’, each reinforcing a different element of team effectiveness.

Tactical Paintball for Team Building - Brilliant Training

How Does Paintball Build Team Effectiveness?

Teams become more effective as they learn to work together, but routine workplace interaction often isn’t enough to produce the sort of results that organizations and teams aspire to. Our one/two-day tactical paintball workshop teaches teamwork skills such as planning, delegation, providing and receiving feedback, and decision-making. These skills significantly enhance team leadership, communication, trust, and followership.

Using small unit infantry tactics and a series of specially designed paintball scenarios your teams will explore the topics of team communication, role management, leadership, and ultimately… trust. Team members can expect to have their preconceived notions challenged as we use a series of increasingly challenging tactical scenarios to help your team develop a new vision of success.

After each mission, our expert facilitator will debrief your teams, drawing out essential learning points that relate directly to team performance. Team members will be encouraged to reflect on team and individual behaviors, and to consider their impact in the real world.

Each Tactical Paintball team building day includes...

  • Paintball equipment (including tactical and safety-wear) for all participants
  • Plenty of ammunition for all missions
  • Mission book, with notes on real-world application of lessons learned
  • Lunch, snacks, and plenty of water!
  • Instruction on small unit infantry tactics.
  • Full facilitation and debrief on each mission by an expert team building coach

Pricing is dependent on team size and location, and is surprisingly affordable for your corporate team building event. No prior paintball experience is needed. Request more info today!

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