Need to accelerate your team’s ability to deliver, but your middle managers can’t seem to boost performance?

Many technical managers that came up ‘through the ranks’ are comfortable solving technology issues but they ignore people issues. The challenge of low employee engagement seems overwhelming and the struggle to deliberately build a winning culture is simply not addressed. This avoidance of key ‘people issues’ results in lackluster team performance and difficulty retaining top talent.

If this sounds like your company, you’ve likely experienced:

  • Top performers leaving
  • Missed deadlines
  • Customers frustrated over product and service quality
  • People pulling in different directions – conflicting / competing priorities
  • Middle managers and teams are frustrated with each other

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your middle managers can actively drive their teams to high performance

Imagine: Your technical team leaders take full ownership over their domains, driving results to new heights and building a world-class culture. Team members are highly engaged and proactively creating innovative solutions to mission-critical challenges. Your latest job post has attracted a list of A-players and employee recommendations are off the charts.

Introducing Action Based Leadership

As a technology executive, you’re well aware of the challenge to develop stronger middle managers and a high-performance team culture, it’s easier to fight fires and tackle technical issues that are more concrete and more comfortable.

>>Moving your teams to high performance with
Action Based Leadership

Action Based Leadership provides a blueprint for unleashing the potential of your teams, so you can drive productivity, accelerate your speed-to-market, and increase engagement and retention!

Inspired by the unique needs of technology start-ups and leadership lessons from elite military units, Action Based Leadership provides a framework for leaders at all levels of the organization to drive performance and deliver results.

Who We Work With

Action Based Leadership drives results by focusing on getting things done. Startups, organizations in rapid growth, and companies in disruptive/emerging markets will most benefit from this approach when:

  • Speed of performance is key.
  • Resources are constrained.
  • Results are critical.

We typically work with technical teams in functional areas such as software engineering, technical support, QA, etc. Specifically:

  • Front-line and middle managers looking to take their team to the next level.
  • Team leaders trying to create urgency and a sense of purpose.
  • New team leaders.
  • Managers struggling to drive performance.
  • Team leaders who need to increase engagement.

Action Based Leadership Process

Project Kickoff & Alignment

Beginning with a needs assessment to review your current teams and their status, we look for cultural elements that are already working and identify the managers to participate in the program. We then kick-off the project, introducing the project goals, process, and overview to your executive team and the participant managers, building support and alignment for long-term success.

Building Foundation

One or more days of onsite training introduces your team leads to Action Based Leadership™ and the key principles that develop success in fast-moving technical teams. The initial focus is on ensuring key team alignment around vision, mission, and roles, and in laying the foundation for elite team identity. Several early wins are typical as team managers focus their efforts and teams begin to come together.

Ongoing Training & Coaching

Ongoing coaching with each team leader to help identify specific team issues and challenges and develop solutions leveraging the Action Based Leadership™ framework. Ongoing training provides skill development for more advanced management skills in developing a winning culture and solidifies effective leadership behaviors by individual team managers.
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“I was looking to train individual contributors to help them move into management and other leadership positions. I found Brilliant Training and they have the perfect course. It gave my team tools they could use and got them to think about leadership styles and team building in various contexts. “
Richard Owen, CTO, SquareTrade
“Fun, insightful, and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the indicators of high performance teams. Highly recommended.”
John Lee, Director of Engineering Support, CrowdFlower
“We all say we want to be part of a high-performance team, but it’s not always clear how to make that happen. This workshop showed how that’s possible – it’s not magic!”
Jeff Auston, VP of Engineering, CrowdFlower