Promote Team Communication & Collaboration!

A well-crafted team building workshop really impacts a team’s ability to overcome challenges and create a foundation for future success. Our team building workshops are based on the principles found in experiential/adventure education and build team performance in the areas of trust, communication, and problem solving. We work with small-medium sized teams and deliver a custom event based on your needs, demographics, and location.

Team Building Activities

Forget the classroom! Our workshops focus on a team activities to promote team trust, communication, and performance. Workshops are fully facilitated with ‘learning moments’ to solidify team and individual learning. Favorite options for activities include:

  • ground-based confidence courses
  • high ropes courses
  • pistol shooting
  • zip-lining
  • and even tactical paintball!

We’ll work with you to identify the right activity for your team, based on demographics, team size, interests, and location. Just contact us using the form on the right.

Brilliant Training - Half-Day Team Workshop


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