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Leadership Styles Miss the Mark

Many leadership experts talk about different leadership styles.  Father of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, describes eight styles, Fast Company co-founder, Bill Taylor, describes four styles, and so it goes.

Early in my career, I would talk about six leadership styles. Two common styles that are negative in their impact, and four styles that should all […]

Why Your Team Needs to Adopt a Culture of Ownership

Introducing Ownership

In his great book ‘Extreme Ownership’, former Navy SEAL Commander Jocko Willink recounts the painful episode of a friendly-fire, or ‘blue-on-blue’, incident on the streets of Ramadi, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The ‘incident’ was the result of several communication break-downs and the rapidly changing nature of modern warfare. No single person was […]

Team Meetings – You’re Doing Them All Wrong

Poor team leaders rarely hold team meetings, but holding a team meeting and doing the wrong things isn’t much better. In my experience, many team meetings consist of each team member giving a status report. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Honestly, I don’t understand the logic here. Do these managers think that a status report […]

3 ‘Must-Haves’ for Leadership Development Programs

As I’ve mentioned in many previous articles, it’s all too common for organizations to promote an A-player into management without any plan to help them evolve into their new role. This has always baffled me since most people tend to agree that management requires a very different and specific skill set, which the majority of […]

Employee Engagement – It’s Worse Than You Think

The number of employees who are considered ‘engaged’ in their work is pretty horrifying. Gallup’s study of almost 200,000 U.S. employees indicates that a mere 32% are “involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.” On the surface this number is pretty bad, but it’s actually much worse than you think.


Employees who […]

The Power of an Elite Team Identity

In a previous blog post, I discussed the idea of focusing on team identity rather than worrying about the difficult issue of culture. The efficacy of this approach is based on Social Identity Theory, which basically suggests that when I consider myself part of a group, I begin to think and act like a group […]

Developing a Compelling Team Mission Statement

Most management theorists and leadership experts agree that high performing teams are built around a compelling and engaging mission (sometimes called a vision or purpose). This mission is the core purpose for the existence of the team and dictates the team’s methods and goals. As Jim Collins suggested, “ provides guidance about what core […]

Is Your Definition of a Team Limiting Your Performance?

In one of my leadership workshops, I begin by conducting a simple exercise where participants are asked to gather in small groups and come up with the definition of a team. It sounds simple, and the groups inevitably come up with very similar definitions. It goes something like this, “A group of individuals working together […]