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Move over Alpha leaders, here come the Betas…

Throughout my life I’ve been described as a ‘natural leader’. I typically took that as a complement, but as I have matured I wonder if that just meant that I was opinionated, pushy, and loud […]

Motivate Your Team With a Vision

This week I was reminded once again that leadership style is key for retaining talented team members. I heard the story from a great guy who has just left a job at a top .com […]

What Jim Collins Learned at West Point

Most of us didn’t attend West Point, but I suspect that many of us have pondered what happens there. In this article, management guru and author, Jim Collins, shares some thoughts on his experiences at […]

Ends and Means

Highly respected management guru Peter Drucker once stated that as a successful leader you need to be effective and efficient at the same time. ‘Effective’ being defined as ‘doing the right things’, ‘Efficient’ meaning ‘doing […]

What Skills do Technical Team Leaders Need?

Leading a technical team is a challenge. Balancing the technical, administrative, and leadership roles is difficult – but achievable. This list of skills needed by technical team leaders includes personal characteristics such as being humble […]

How CEO’s of the Fortune 500 Look at Leadership

You think new and mid-level managers are the only ones that struggle with leadership? Think again.

This intriguing look at how CEO’s in the Fortune 500 look at leadership provides an interesting counter-point to the day-to-day […]

Delegating is a Core Skill for Technical Team Leaders

Some managers, especially new ones, have a hard time effectively assigning tasks to members of their team.  A recent article in Inc magazine said “The job of any manager is to get things done through other […]

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