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What Do Effective Team Building Events Look Like?

Can a technical team go to the movies as a team building event? How about a BBQ, bowling, or paintball? If a team spends time together is that team-building? The answer, like so much in […]

Defining Corporate Culture

The subject of corporate culture presents a headache for many team leaders. In fact, just coming up with a definition that everyone agrees to can be quite a challenge.  Some people go with the fairly […]

The Road to a High Performance Team

The benefits of a high performance team are clear, but the key question is how of you get there? In the 1960’s, a psychologist named Bruce Tuckman developed a model of the stages of team […]

Building High Performance Teams

Are you part of a high-performance team? How do you know? Well, you might have heard that racehorses that win the most races are only slightly faster than runner’s-up, but typically win 100 times the […]

Four Leadership Lessons from Ender’s Game

In honor of the DVD release of the Ender’s Game movie this week, we’re passing along this article on Four Leadership Lessons from Ender’s Game. As the article states, “the leadership skills displayed by Ender Wiggin […]

Fast Company Lists Problems for Corporate Culture

Recently Fast Company magazine listed six problems for corporate culture. Focusing largely on leadership behavior, the list aligns very well with Brilliant Training Group’s approach to team leadership and team building.

Culture is a tricky thing […]

11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader

Team leadership is hard enough without making it even more complex. While some of us have had the luxury to really study leadership, whether formally or informally, most technical team leaders are looking for small […]

Everything I know about leadership, I learned from Star Trek

Now we’re not suggesting that technical team leaders are nerds or anything, but something tells us that this list of leadership lessons from James T. Kirk will suit this audience rather well!

Forbes staff writer, Alex […]

Management vs. Leadership

Management guru Peter F. Drucker famously noted that “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” But how helpful is this for an ‘in-the-trenches’ team leader? Is you role management, or leadership? […]

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