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What Jim Collins Learned at West Point

Most of us didn’t attend West Point, but I suspect that many of us have pondered what happens there. In this article, management guru and author, Jim Collins, shares some thoughts on his experiences at the US Army’s prestigious military academy in 2011-12.

The article includes some great insights into personal success (such as an exploration […]

Ends and Means

Highly respected management guru Peter Drucker once stated that as a successful leader you need to be effective and efficient at the same time. ‘Effective’ being defined as ‘doing the right things’, ‘Efficient’ meaning ‘doing things the right way’. Drucker is basically suggesting that a successful leader would do the right things in the right […]

What Skills do Technical Team Leaders Need?

Leading a technical team is a challenge. Balancing the technical, administrative, and leadership roles is difficult – but achievable. This list of skills needed by technical team leaders includes personal characteristics such as being humble and teachable,  as well as specific skills such as the ability to break down tasks, and provides some interesting insight […]

How CEO’s of the Fortune 500 Look at Leadership

You think new and mid-level managers are the only ones that struggle with leadership? Think again.

This intriguing look at how CEO’s in the Fortune 500 look at leadership provides an interesting counter-point to the day-to-day struggles of the technical team leader. Perhaps most interesting – the insight that employees consider trustworthiness, sincerity, and ability to […]

Delegating is a Core Skill for Technical Team Leaders

Some managers, especially new ones, have a hard time effectively assigning tasks to members of their team.  A recent article in Inc magazine said “The job of any manager is to get things done through other people, and delegation is the way to do it. The sooner you master this vital skill, the sooner your business […]