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Technical Leadership Attitudes survey for CTOs

This short survey is designed to better understand the attitudes and challenges of CTOs and VP’s of Engineering regarding technical leadership. The results will be provided to all participants.

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For the purpose of this survey, we define technical leaders as team leaders, managers, and executives that manage teams conducting […]

Why New Managers Aren’t Ready to Lead

According to leadership guru, Ken Blanchard, new managers aren’t ready to lead. This simple truth is self-evident in the world of technical leadership, where the best individual contributors are assumed to ‘have what it takes’ in management, and are left to struggle through their own painful leadership development. Many don’t make it.

The simple question you […]

The Most Dangerous Leadership Style for Technical Leaders

A Forbes article recently identified ‘5 Leadership Styles Good Bosses Avoid Like the Plague’. The list comprised of some fairly obvious culprits, the know-it-all, the micromanager, the absentee boss, the self-server, and the best friend.

I suspect that most leaders aren’t surprised by the list, it’s a fairly common-sense article. In contrast, I often encounter surprise […]

The Hidden Costs of a Bad Promotion

There are many articles out there about the cost of a ‘bad hire’, but have you ever considered the cost of a bad promotion?

Let’s take a typical tech company where a senior developer is promoted into management, but due to a lack of experience and knowledge of management skills, he or she fails to adapt […]

Four Must-Read (Easy) Articles for New Managers

When you’re looking for a ‘snack’ rather than a full meal, these four articles all provide some powerful (but easily digestible) insights into team leadership for new managers.

1. Five Basic But Important Things New Managers Need To Know
Thinking back on his early days as a manager, this author provides 5 insights that he wishes it […]

What Do Effective Team Building Events Look Like?

Can a technical team go to the movies as a team building event? How about a BBQ, bowling, or paintball? If a team spends time together is that team-building? The answer, like so much in the world of leadership, is ‘it depends’.  At Brilliant Training, we think there are two main differences between spending time […]

Defining Corporate Culture

The subject of corporate culture presents a headache for many team leaders. In fact, just coming up with a definition that everyone agrees to can be quite a challenge.  Some people go with the fairly simple definition as “the way we do things around here,” but personally I prefer something a little more tangible. I […]

The Road to a High Performance Team

The benefits of a high performance team are clear, but the key question is how of you get there? In the 1960’s, a psychologist named Bruce Tuckman developed a model of the stages of team development. Over the past 15 years, I have found this model to be very compelling and an effective description of […]