Managers and teams can learn to be effective

Given that managers and teams can learn to be effective, but are rarely effective by accident, Brilliant Training provides team leadership training and team-building to companies primarily in the technology, engineering, and healthcare sectors. Brilliant Training makes extensive use of powerful and proven models to provide a handle on complex real world concepts. For example, we use a modified version of Tuckman's Stages of Team Development model to help leaders understand how to build high performing teams. Our workshop participants also enjoy various models around styles of leadership, vision, and trust.

Deconstructive Learning

We believe that people learn through application. Because abstract concepts have limited use, we break ideas down into their component parts. Fuzzy concepts such as culture, influence, or trust are more easily understood and improved when they are deconstructed into sub-elements that are tangible and actionable.

Brilliant Training Group - Team Building and Leadership Skills

Mat Greenfield, Founder Brilliant Training
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I’m Mat Greenfield, the founder of Brilliant Training. With fifteen years of experience in the technology sector and a deep knowledge of leadership and teamwork, I have a passion for building better teams and leaders. I have Master’s degrees in both Adult Education and Organizational Leadership, blending theory and practice from both areas into my work.

I personally deliver every workshop and team-building event, and I’d be happy to chat with about your leadership challenges and goals to see if I can help.

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