Need to accelerate your team’s ability to deliver, but your middle managers can’t seem to boost performance? Unleash the potential of your teams with a blueprint for high performance, so you can drive productivity, accelerate your speed-to-market, and increase engagement and retention!

Leadership Skills Training

We teach the skills needed to effectively lead a technical team. This workshop focuses on the skills needed to build a solid foundation of team performance.

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Build a High Performance Team

Building a high-performance team doesn’t happen by accident. In this workshop, we lay out the roadmap and provide the skills needed to drive team performance to new levels.

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“I was looking to train individual contributors to help them move into management and other leadership positions. I found Brilliant Training and they have the perfect course. It gave my team tools they could use and got them to think about leadership styles and team building in various contexts. “
Richard Owen, VP of Technology, SquareTrade